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This week we are going to look at fashion trends. I was thinking, who decides what trends are going to be popular for any particular season, and I wasn’t sure so this became the topic of my blog. Every season in fashion there garments or colors that the fashion runways promote as the in thing or color to buy. Most people probably assume designers decide what colors or fashion trends they want to put out and in most cases you are probably right. Now though this process has become so much more analytical.

Consumers are now being studied and their buying habits tracked. The mood of the region they live in and the seasons are taken into consideration when determining what the trends will be in a season. Data is gathered that calculates a season’s target market consumer, colors, fabrics, silhouette, texture and usage. Technology now plays a big part in helping to determine fashion trends. Having a store’s app helps track your buying habits while shopping. 

Designers need to know what the trend for the upcoming season will in advance of the season, at least six months, in order to get their designs out. Some trends are going to be a little predictable by season; fall is going to have earthy colors, holiday season jeweled colors, spring pastels or flowers and summer whites for hot weather.

According the New York Fashion Week, the trends for the upcoming fall season are as follows: Statement Furs ( real or fake), ruffles, shades of tan, gold metallic, shearling bombers, turtle necks under dresses ( I like a nice blouse or shirt as well), plaid, off shoulder blouses or dresses, dusty pink and yellow, pantsuits and print outfits. I think a large majority of fashionistas will be accepting of these trends. I would be interested to know if you have any ideas on what you think determined these trends. Feel free to give your thoughts about this topic and what trends you think you will wear or buy.

Posted a couple of outfits to give a preview of the fall trends. Let me know what you like! Thanks for sharing.


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