Hi Fashionistas! This week we are going to explore what is in our closets. It’s a chore most people don’t want to do but it should be done each season. This may seem too often and maybe it is, but the more you go through your closet the more organized your closet will stay. 

First let’s start by pulling out the items in your closet you haven’t worn in years. Make three piles and ask yourself three questions. 1) Do you still like this item? 2) Does it still fit? 3) Should you give it away? Now start putting your items into one of theses piles. If the answer to do you like it is no, the item goes in that pile. If the answer to whether or not it fits is no, put that item in a pile. The third pile should be anything you think you should give away.

Since this is the summer season,now is a good time to get your closet ready for fall. The more you do this the less work you will have to do because you will no longer be holding on to things you know you should get rid of. Usually each season you go shopping and find something you feel your wardrobe needs which adds to your closet space. Making room before doing seasonal shopping helps you keep an organized closet space.

This week I put together some outfits more for fall weather to give you some inspiration to get moving. Hope you like them!

Thanks to all who follow and read my blog.



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