This week I decided to blog about finding that outfit that YOU consider age appropriate. I put you in all caps because everyone is different which means what one person considers age appropriate may not work for someone else. We all have probably, at one time or another, purchased an outfit or an article of clothing and returned it or wanted to return it because it looked too young or too old. You may even choose not to shop in a store because their clothes look too young or too old. Sound familiar? If this is something that you have said while shopping for clothes then maybe this blog post can give some insight to age appropriate depending on your age and what you like.

The age categories that I chose to put outfits in are the 20s through 40s and 50 plus. Now of course anyone from any age group is fabulous and unique and you show that with your style. Talking  or shopping with people that are in any of these age groups looking for outfits one comment usually is heard,”That looks too young or that looks too old.”So, even though outfits come in many styles most people want their outfits to reflect their maturity level. Because maturity is always ( or should be) growing and changing it makes sense that your style may also change. A person in their twenties may not purchase what a person in their fifties would purchase and it works the other way as well. A person in their fifties may not purchase what a person in their twenties would purchase. That is the great thing about style, it fits what works for you at the time. 

I put some outfits together for different occasions (casual,business,cocktail and formal) and you can decide which age category they should be in or maybe you think they work for any age category. Thanks for visiting or following my blog and ENJOY!


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