First let me say thank you to those of you who follow my blog and like my posts! I would also like to say welcome to anyone new to this blog and I hope you decide to follow.

This week the topic is about being invited to a wedding because the summer is a popular time for couples to marry. The difference is now there are so many themes for a wedding that one outfit will not cover every occasion. Years ago a wedding invitation meant coming dressed in your “SUNDAY BEST”. It may still be similar to that but the scale goes from very formally dreesed to casually dressed. I know of instances where couples have invited guests to a barbecue and surprised them with their wedding ceremony! This type of wedding is usually because the couple really want to keep things  fun and relaxed. Now most weddings are going to require you to be more dressed which prompts the question WHAT TO WEAR?

What to wear is one of the main reasons I decided to start a fashion blog. Looking for that perfect outfit to wear to a wedding that would look appropriate was very time consuming. Many of the choices were more geared towards clubbing and cocktails. For me a wedding outfit should be a little more reserved if the invite says formal, after five or even if it is an afternoon ceremony. I have chosen a couple of outfits to give you an idea of what I would wear to a more classic wedding, a formal wedding, a garden wedding and a destination wedding. I also picked an outfit that could work for all of them(the blue outfit)

I hope you get some ideas if you need to shop for a wedding outfit. Also I would love to see any outfits you have found for your wedding outfit and I would love your feedback on this topic. Thanks!


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