Welcome to all the visitors of my blog and thank you to those who follow my blog and to those who like my posts. I look forward to sharing with you different topics on fashion and creating sets that give you an idea of outfits put together for different occasions. Would love to get feedback or suggestions from you as you read and check out what I come up with.

This week we will visit the different fashion trends for the summer. These are going to be some of the trends that I picked because there are quite a few. The first one is gladiator sandals which are sandals that can strap up your ankle or strap all the way up your leg. These look cute with shorts or a short skirt. I think these sandals are more casual and work with an outfit where your legs are showing. Lace up shoes are another trend which are different from gladiators because this style is more about the lace up than the strap. The good thing about these shoes is that they are more versatile because the come in casual and dress. You can find a pair to compliment almost any style outfit. Pleated skirts are in this season but they are not quite like the staunch pleats of years before. These skirts tend to have pleats that are light and airy. They are nice to add to your wardrobe because they can be dressed up or down depending on how you accessorize. Another trend is paint splatter print which could be a pattern on anything from clothes to handbags to shoes. Because it has more than one color in the print it is usually easy to match up with something. Like I said these are just a few of the summer trends so this will give you something to keep in mind while shopping. It’s good to only choose a few of the trends that you like because these  change more frequently which makes it go out of style quicker.

I’ve created a few sets to let you see the trend as part of an outfit. Hope you enjoy!


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