We woman love our shoes! Do you know any female that only has two or three pairs of shoes? Now shoes are important because they are part of the finishing touch to any outfit. Wikipedia defines shoes as an item of footwear intended to protect and comfort the human foot while doing various activities. That begs the question: How many people have worn shoes that are uncomfortable just because we liked them and they looked good with our outfit?

There are many types of shoes but for me the main types are flats, heels, boots and sneakers. Now these types have many different categories such as ballet flats, stiletto heels, riding boots and wedge heeled sneakers. Designer shoes are now also in the mix. That coveted red heel bottom shoe is a popular one. What a genius Christian Louboutin is! Who would have thought women would get so enamored with the color on the bottom of their shoes. There are many other high designers as well, Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik to name a few.

Some of the reasons women like shoes so much are because it gives height and it is a good compliment to outfits. Shoes are more like a work of art. Clothes mostly lay or hang flat in the store while shoes stand up and command attention. Most women have at least more than fifteen pairs of shoes, I have more than that. I know someone who told me she has 250 pairs of shoes! Shoe shopping makes most women happy! Maybe that is why no matter how many shoes we have we still buy more.

The funny thing is we probably only wear 10% or less of the shoes we have on a regular basis. It’s just nice knowing the other shoes are there if we need them. Most women always notice other women’s shoes whereas men maybe not so much.

I have put together some outfits where the shoes are the main focus. I hope you find a pair you like! Thanks for continuing to follow my blog and share your likes with me. Enjoy!


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