First I would like to say thank you and welcome to the followers of my blog. I also would like to say thank you to all who liked my posts. I will continue to search the fashion world for interesting topics and to put together outfits that hopefully will appeal to you.

This week we will explore style and what I think it means. Now style can mean many things to many people which makes it great because that shows the uniqueness of who we are. For me style is starting at the beginning to becoming a fashion forward person, a fashionista. The free dictionary defines style as a quality of imagination and individuality expressed in one’s actions and taste. To me that means your style gives some insight as to who you are. It can show that your are confident, quirky, flamboyant or whimsical just to name a few. So it’s important to try to identify your style preferences when building your wardrobe. Now you can pick and choose from other styles as you like but most times you will have one specific style. 

After perusing fashion magazines and articles, I narrowed down a few style types that seemed to be the most common. I will name and explain each one and also post sets for that style.

CLASSIC- This style expresses comfort and the focus is usually on quality. The look has clean uncluttered lines and a formal balance. This look is timeless. Examples of this style can be a white bottom down blouse, ballet flats.

BOHEMIAN- This style usually has exotic patterns and textures and exudes a free spirit. Examples of this style are peasant blouses or skirts.

WHIMISICAL- This style is usually fun and fanciful with a dash of color and splashes of pattern. Examples of this style are floral dresses and fun patterns on hand bags.

CHIC- This style is usually trendy or fashionable, well tailored with well chosen accessories. It can also have strong colors. This style usually changes every season so it’s easy to become outdated soon. Example jogger pants.

Hopefully this information will give you an idea of what your style may be as you build your unique wardrobe. My style is classic but I will add some trendy pieces if I like the look.

I am posting sets for each style mentioned and would love to hear your feedback.


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