Q Styled Fashionistas 

Hello to all my fabulous fashionistas who enjoy the art of creating style that is both functional and fashionable. I decided to start this blog to share ideas and stories about shopping and finding outfits that compliment your style and persona. There are so many choices of where to shop for that perfect outfit; the mall, shopping centers, boutiques, consignment stores, and of course online shopping. With all these avenues to explore we should always find something to buy or that perfect outfit, but do we?

Hi, I’m Q and I’m going to hopefully make shopping a lot easier. I decided to start this blog after shopping for the perfect outfit to wear to a wedding. I spent months combing the malls, shopping centers, boutiques and the Internet and not finding anything that jumped out as a must buy. I finally bought something because I needed an outfit but it wasn’t an outfit that made me say WOW! this is the perfect outfit and it really makes a fashion statement. I noticed as I continued shopping for clothes and accessories that the shopping experience was the same. I always like going out shopping but I wasn’t finding anything that I just needed to purchase because I liked it that much. The question became: Where are the stores that have what I like? It’s good for the budget when you go out to shop for clothes and accessories and you don’t buy anything, but sometimes a lady just wants to shop!

If any of my viewers have similar shopping experiences please share them on my blog. Because I, like most women,still want to enjoy the shopping experience, my solution was to find a way. I started putting together outfits from all the different apparel and accessory stores and posting them on Polyvore. I started loving to shop again! I found that perusing all the stores and different apparel websites I could put an outfit together. Now I have to tell you that this takes a lot of time but I’m willing to do the ground work and put outfits together for various occasions from casual to formal and share them with you on my blog. I will also choose a weekly topic relating to fashion to blog about. 

I would love to hear your stories relating to fashion and shopping and hope this interaction will allow us all to be the fashionistas that we all are!

Remember fashion creates the look that is Quintessential, Beautiful, Perfect for you, Interesting, Tailored to you, Trendy and Magnificent!


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